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V profilú tolólap – bema V-tolólap V800

A V-alakú hótolólap az út mindkét oldalán egyenletesen teríti el a letolt havat. Ugyanakkor a tolólap egyenesre is állítható - hasonlóan a 700-as és az 1100 szériához.


The V-shape of the plough blade allows for an equal depositing of the cleared snow on both sides. At the same time, the plough blade can be set straight for a snow depositing on the left or right side - similar to the ploughs of the 700 and 1100 series.

If the fl exible plough is opened to the front, larger masses of snow can be bulldozed onto a pile. The stable pivot point in the middle of the plough is mounted in DU bearings and fi tted with grease nipples. It has a signifi cantly larger diameter pivot point than comparable products in this sector.

The support wheels ensure the stable steering of the plough. For the V800, the curvature of the plough blade starts in the lower third of the plough and the spring apron segments are equipped with a hardwearing Vulkollan trim, enabling a better and unobstructed movement of the snow.

The V-plough blade can be used with all common carrier vehicles.

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